The experience gained by the CJSC VTB Registrar while keeping and storing companies registers, constituting the foundation of Russian economy, enabled to create reliable technology accounting securities rights, provided by efficient system of decreasing risks.

In our work we tend to provide comprehensive service and operative reply to our clients’ requests, as well as we build up our business in accordance with their requirements.

Taking into consideration information given above, CJSC VTB Registrar is ready to offer you a program of strategic partnership, basic directions of which are as follows:

  • сomplete service package on keeping register;
  • сomplete operation range on joint stock;
  • monitoring the structure of joint stock: securities consolidation with one holder, transfer of the ownership on a large package;
  • complete service package on holding shareholder meetings;
  • complete service range on paying dividends to the shareholders;
  • operative provision of the information from the Registrar via the software "Zenith-Portal";
  • operative informing the shareholders about events in the Registrar on their personal accounts via the service "SMS";
  • providing the service of  "Personal manager";
  • executing the functions of "Corporate secretary";
  • providing service of e-signature to joint-stock companies;
  • auditing the system of keeping record of registered securities holders in terms of meeting the requirements of current legislation;
  • restoring keeping register system;
  • registering issues (additional issues) of securities/equity issue;
  • preparation, organization, holding supervising the procedure of voluntary and compulsory offer, compulsory squeeze-out;
  • revealing information by the emissive securities Issuers;
  • electronic document turnover.

We are ready to answer your questions about our business and service terms. Take a look at the reference "Contact and feedback"

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